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In Order to Lead You Must Follow

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“In order to lead you must first learn to how to follow”

I have pondered this statement a lot recently, mostly because it is easier said than done in my opinion. There is a lot trust that must be placed in order to place ones belief in to the hands of another. How does one know who to follow? In today’s society everyone wants to lead – yet they have no results to speak of. Worse yet, their views are shrouded in hypocrisy.

Recently though I have found myself reaching for an olive branch. There are things that I want to know and grow in professionally and the only way to accomplish that is to find other people with the results I want in those areas. For someone with little trust or belief, this has been especially hard.  However, desperate times call for desperate measures – so here I am. I have found that I have reached the peak of my potential and unless I start trusting in others I will go no farther.

So how does one go about learning to follow?

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