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What you do speaks so loudly; what you say I cannot hear.

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These words uttered by Tim Marks have been going round and round in my head lately. They have taken quite a long time to sink in though, which is kind of funny, considering the gist of what he is saying is that actions speak louder than words.

How true is this sentiment in leadership though? How many times has this pronouncement been made? Why does the message make total sense when you say it out loud, yet become garbled when you attempt to move the thought to action?

Am I the only one who gets tired by just thinking about being the type of person who leads by example and not just pointing at a person and say “do”? I realize that this sounds silly – and it is. However I think this is just my brain’s way of handling the stress of trying to be more; to be better than what I am.

Instead of taking a chance or allowing myself to get a little uncomfortable my brain tells me to hang back and manage the situation from a distance that it is comfortable with. The result is no result, which keeps my wheels spinning while getting no real traction on the situation.

So, the question I ask myself is this – How do I break the cycle of insanity I have created by making the same mistake over and over again while expecting a different result?

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Resolved: To Develop the Art and Science of Friendship

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In Chapter 7 of his book “Resolved: 13 Resolutions for Life”, Orrin Woodward identifies eight essential principles for building and maintaining long-term “philia” friendships; philia meaning the love between two friends.  I won’t cover all eight principles here (because part of the journey of reading through “Resolved”is your own self-discovery); instead I want to focus solely on principle 3 – True Friends Approve of One Another, simply because this one continues to strike a cord with me personally.

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In Order to Lead You Must Follow

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“In order to lead you must first learn to how to follow”

I have pondered this statement a lot recently, mostly because it is easier said than done in my opinion. There is a lot trust that must be placed in order to place ones belief in to the hands of another. How does one know who to follow? In today’s society everyone wants to lead – yet they have no results to speak of. Worse yet, their views are shrouded in hypocrisy.

Recently though I have found myself reaching for an olive branch. There are things that I want to know and grow in professionally and the only way to accomplish that is to find other people with the results I want in those areas. For someone with little trust or belief, this has been especially hard.  However, desperate times call for desperate measures – so here I am. I have found that I have reached the peak of my potential and unless I start trusting in others I will go no farther.

So how does one go about learning to follow?

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Looking Forward to a Glass Half Full

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Here it is… my first blog post. I have spent so much time trying to find the right topic, the right words-all to no avail. Finally, I stopped trying and just started writing. I will focus on family because that is what my mind is constantly focused on.

In life we spend a great deal of time just making it through our days. We do not leave time to reflect, appreciate, or try to grow into more successful individuals. Of course, success can mean different things to different people. I know that my definition of success has changed as I have spent more time thinking about it. I will spend time writing a series about these changes that I have seen occur in myself. The first area that I would like to focus on is my personal growth journey. Previously, before my husband Jimmy and I became involved the leadership development industry, the idea of looking at myself and analyzing myself was TERRIFYING! I would find myself getting defensive, sensitive and unable to take any suggestions, or critiques without freaking out and having an emotional breakdown.

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