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How Ordinary People Achieve Outrageous Success

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How Ordinary People Achieve Outrageous Success

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Just over a month ago, I was sitting down on the couch on a Saturday morning to enjoy my regular cup of coffee.  I looked over and saw that my monthly LIFE Leadership subscription had arrived.  As expected, the package contained a book and 4 audio CD’s.  What was not expected was a book with a rather peculiar name, “Edgy Conversations.”  It had a catchy red and black cover with art work that one would expect from a graphic novel.  It even had a Ninja on the front!  I hadn’t read a book with a Ninja on the front cover in some time.  What did I have to lose?

I really wasn’t planning to read that morning, but decided to take a quick peak inside.  I was immediately captivated by the gripping tale that Author Dan Waldschmidt told in the beginning chapter.  I was expecting another book on success based principles, but instead experienced a story about a young man who had gained extreme financial success (millionaire CEO by 25), yet had the world around him crashing down.   I had to read on.  Obviously thing guy had something I wanted to learn.  I immediately loved his “in your face” attitude, and his success stories of his own personal extreme discipline.

The next thing I knew, I was looking down at page 70.  It was time to go brew another cup of coffee and get back to it!  I returned to the kitchen and got another pot of coffee rolling.  As I waited for my coffee, I couldn’t stop thinking about this book. A collection of my thoughts.

  • This book has glossy “magazine like” paper – how cool is that!?
  • It has graphic novel style artwork, with freakin’ Ninja on the front!
  • How did this guy become a CEO by age 25, and why did he end chapter 1 with a gun in his mouth?!



Over the next week I had finished this book.  Before reading this book, I knew that I could accomplish anything I put my mind to, I knew that success was not free, I knew that success was about making the right habits over time, etc.  I knew that attitude was everything, and I knew that I would never accomplish anything without some hard work and sweat equity and that success was not all about financial gain.  But man, this book slapped me in the mouth and punched me in the gut at the same time.  It was blunt, and it challenged my understanding of what it meant to be successful.

  • Be extreme, work hard. Have the discipline to set the right habits, and resist the wrong ones.
  • Be unexpected, dare to go where others won’t.
  • Love others, and have a giving attitude.
  • Learn to control your inhibitions and crush limiting thoughts.

One thing is for sure, this book is not based on theory.  Author Dan Waldschmidt talks about personal experience, and reinforces the fact that success is just a choice that average people make to become extraordinary.


—Dan Waldschmidt


I would love to hear other thoughts on the book, and encourage you to join the conversation!







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  • http://leadershipforlifeblog.com/ Leadership4Life

    This book is a must read!!!

  • http://www.WaldschmidtPartners.com/ Dan Waldschmidt

    Thanks. What an incredible post. I enjoyed your post.


    • http://leadershipforlifeblog.com/ Leadership4Life

      Thanks Dan, so cool that have you leave a comment and tweet the post. I will do another EDGY Conversations post soon!

  • http://tonypalus.tumblr.com/ Tony Paluš – The Inspired Life

    Excellent post! Thank you! :)

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