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In Order to Lead You Must Follow

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In Order to Lead You Must Follow

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“In order to lead you must first learn to how to follow”

I have pondered this statement a lot recently, mostly because it is easier said than done in my opinion. There is a lot trust that must be placed in order to place ones belief in to the hands of another. How does one know who to follow? In today’s society everyone wants to lead – yet they have no results to speak of. Worse yet, their views are shrouded in hypocrisy.

Recently though I have found myself reaching for an olive branch. There are things that I want to know and grow in professionally and the only way to accomplish that is to find other people with the results I want in those areas. For someone with little trust or belief, this has been especially hard.  However, desperate times call for desperate measures – so here I am. I have found that I have reached the peak of my potential and unless I start trusting in others I will go no farther.

So how does one go about learning to follow?

Truth be told, the information is out there for anyone who is willing to look for it. Life Leadership, for example provides everything from books and cds to seminars and conventions designed to assist a person with personal and professional development. Even better, their information is designed by regular people to build a user’s belief in themselves over time and give them hope that they too can achieve success in any area of life.

Trust and belief are similar in nature, but different in practice. A person like me, for example, can believe that action conquers fear – or that practice of success driven principles moves people toward their goals. However trust is another level because it requires an individual to take a practice, make it their own, nurture it daily and expect results to occur. Therefore, trust comes after belief of a practice has driven an individual to move forward. Once the mind knows that the body is committed, trust is solidified.

In leadership the practice is similar. You have to find a mentor that you can entrust your mind to and then commit to following in their footsteps. Mentorship is the practice of following which requires regular communication in the form of planning, doing, checking and adjusting of practices. These steps, if tended to regularly will keep the mind trusting of the belief principles buried inside of you; neglect will cause the relationship to stale and the mind will start to doubt the belief that has been imbedded.

Building belief and nurturing a mentor relationship is the key to building trust and learning to lead.

Again, here I am. I am surrounded by a number of people within Life Leadership who are ready and willing to help me move forward with achieving my version of success. They have the results I want and I believe in them and love them, but I am stuck right where I stand. I am stuck because I still haven’t convinced my mind that my body is ready for what I need to do to grow a solid relationship that will enable me to move forward. It is beyond frustrating; but if I am going to ever learn to lead I must first learn how to follow…


– Sara

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