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Mental Fitness Challenge

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Get your life in check with the Mental Fitness Challenge.





The 90 Day Mental Fitness Challenge Includes:


  1. Self-Assessment Test to establish your mental fitness baseline

  2. Videos to get you started

  3. 3 month subscription to the 90-Day Mental Fitness Challenge website environment, which includes:

    • An automated Challenge Partner invitation system

    • 360-degree feedback and summary reporting

    • Goal setting worksheets

    • Daily, monthly, and yearly tracking worksheets

    • An automated Accountability Partner notification system

    • MFC sticker and wrist band

    • Certificate of completion

    • Smart phone app (coming soon)

  4. Three books from best-selling authors Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward, 16 CDs, and 17 videos

  5. All this for just $220!




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