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Looking Forward to a Glass Half Full

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Here it is… my first blog post. I have spent so much time trying to find the right topic, the right words-all to no avail. Finally, I stopped trying and just started writing. I will focus on family because that is what my mind is constantly focused on.

In life we spend a great deal of time just making it through our days. We do not leave time to reflect, appreciate, or try to grow into more successful individuals. Of course, success can mean different things to different people. I know that my definition of success has changed as I have spent more time thinking about it. I will spend time writing a series about these changes that I have seen occur in myself. The first area that I would like to focus on is my personal growth journey. Previously, before my husband Jimmy and I became involved the leadership development industry, the idea of looking at myself and analyzing myself was TERRIFYING! I would find myself getting defensive, sensitive and unable to take any suggestions, or critiques without freaking out and having an emotional breakdown.

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